Recover NTFS Partition from Online or Offline Backups?

Corruption or deletion of Windows partitions is very common problem. Many users often lose their valuable data due to accidental deletion or corruption of NTFS partitions. MS Windows is equipped with two disk partitioning tools i.e., NTFS and FAT. NTFS or New technology file system is highly secured option of MS Windows to create partitions on a large computer disk. However, both NTFS and FAT partitions of the computer system may become corrupt or inaccessible due to corrupt hard disk, virus and spyware intrusion, crash of MS Windows, disk formatting and other reasons.

Following messages will be flashed on your computer screen in the event of NTFS corruption:

  • Cannot delete file name: The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable
  • The directory or file is corrupt or unreadable
  • NTFS Error: error reading file volume MFT record
  • NTFS – File System Corrupt

You must analyze the root cause of Windows partition corruption or inaccessibility before troubleshooting the issue. Microsoft has its own in-built command utility CHKDSK.exe to fix smaller issues of NTFS or FAT volumes. However, CHKDSK command has following limitations:

  • It cannot recover NTFS volume that holds Windows system files and folders
  • It fails to recover NTFS or FAT tables from highly corrupt hard disk
  • It is not capable of recovering permanently deleted NTFS partitions

Therefore, it is necessary that you keep partition data of your computer in a backup Folder. You can store your valuable partition data using NTBackup.exe tool of Microsoft Windows. If you’re using Windows NT or higher versions, you can copy your valuable computer data in BKF folder. You can save your NTFS data in MS Backup by doing the following steps:
1.Click on Start>Run
2.In the command box, type NTbackup.exe and press Enter key
3.Select “Backup file and settings” option in the Backup or Restore Wizard and press “Next”
4.Choose “All Information on this computer” option and click “Next” button
5.Add a name for the new backup folder and also select the destination location to save the folder
6.At last, press “Finish” button

You can store Windows BKF folder either in local drive or internet server. Storing Backup folder on the secured internet site has multiple advantages such as you’ll never lose your valuable data due to hard disk corruption and your Windows data will be protected from unauthorized persons.

In case, you’ve lost your valuable files and folders due to NTFS corruption or disk formatting, then you can restore all data from the Windows BKF folder. However, situation will become worse, if your MS backup folder too has become corrupt or deleted. In this case, you must take the help of a third party tool to recover NTFS partition. By taking help of Windows Data recovery you could recover NTFS partitions, which are removed after disk formatting. NTFS partition recovery tool can recover entire data such as images, wallpapers, documents, notepads, spreadsheets and many more from a corrupt Windows partition. It can recover NTFS partition when MS Backup file has become corrupt or is unavailable.


Windows partition may get damaged or deleted by several reasons notably among them are virus intrusion, crash of MS Windows and others. To avoid data loss situation, it is extremely essential to store valuable computer data in a MS Backup folder. If BKF folder is unavailable or damaged, then in that situation, you must choose a professional NTFS partition recovery tool to recover lost data.