Corruption or deletion of Windows partitions is very common problem. Many users often lose their valuable data due to accidental deletion or corruption of NTFS partitions. MS Windows is equipped with two disk partitioning tools i.e., NTFS and FAT. NTFS or New technology file system is highly secured option of MS Windows to create partitions on a large computer disk. However, both NTFS and FAT partitions of the computer system may become corrupt or inaccessible due to corrupt hard disk, virus and spyware intrusion, crash of MS Windows, disk formatting and other reasons. Read more about Recover NTFS Partition from Online or Offline Backups? »

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After using Fdisk to delete a logical drive when you start Windows NT in a dual-boot environment with Windows 95, or Windows 98, you find that logical drives that use NTFS file system have disappeared. Read more about Cannot View NTFS Logical Drive After Using Fdisk »